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Albert Zsuzsanna
Antal Csilla
Biro Emoke
Buranyi Zsuzsa
Fabian Miklos
Gyongyosi Eva
Huszka David
Ifj. Zonai Jozsef
Ivan Marta
Koce Agota
Koncz Gabor
Kovacs Noemi
Kovacs Szabina
Kristaly Biborka-Reka
Lorincz Timea
Majlath Dianna
Makkai Beata
Nagy Atilla
Nagy Katalin
Nyaguly Emoke
Olvedi Tamas
Palfi Zsuzsnna
Petroczi Renata
Pogats Gergely
Rumenakovic Karlo
Smohay Peter
Stevanovic Simeon
Szabo Linda
Szabo Zoltan
Szekely Szabolcs
Szeles Adam
Szocs Maria-Hajnalka
Toth Ervin - Subotica
Toth Ervin - Szob
Vass Attila

Organizers and Escorts

Agyas Eniko
Balint Emese-Eva
Bors Monika
Csapo Hajnalka
Csiki Emese
Fazakas Reka-Maria
Id. Zonai Jozsef
Kristo Boroka
Kudlik Gabor
Lelkes Gabriella
Tamas Levente
Zonai Hedvid

Participants' Feedback

"This program has been especially important because - as we sadly recognized - at these days there are not enough initiatives to inform more about the place they are living in: that is why many times young people want to go, to succeed elsewhere. We are trying to change this somehow.
36 pupils from Transylvania - Romania (Miercurea-Ciuc), Serbia and Montenegro (Subotica) and Hungary (Szob) met three times at the three regions to get to know each other's (and our) places, history, tradition and culture.
We visited many towns and villages, so participants could really learn about each other's environment, conditions of life, way of living. The participants also thought about how could they explore their natural resources, about how should they learn more about their and each other's environment.
This program was also important for the participants to explore their organizing skills, to learn how to carry out a project: planning, fundraising and organizing. They dreamed of a program that would be organized by them, young people, then they divided the work and duties between themselves and everyone carried out his/her work. It was great working together and then seeing the results.
They learned about the education system of each of the countries - in the both three countries this institution is in constant change, so we had many things to talk about."
Fazakas Réka

A participant from Szob about the visits in Romania:
"I could learn about the world of the Transylvanians, about their traditions, their culture (especially the traditional dances). I could see their homes, the environment they are living in. I could see how beautiful Transylvania's nature is. I heard a lot about their traditions, culture, now I could meet them personally, too. And I also met a great team. The only problem was that the program was too dense for just one week, I couldn't keep everything in mind: it should have been longer. But this one short week was beautiful. It was a great pleasure to get to know Transylvania!"

A Szekler about the program:
"For me as a Szekler it was also worth to participate in this program, because I got very much experience. It was very useful to learn about the place I am living in. We used to travel a lot, but we never started a trip with the goal to get to know everything around us. The only thing I missed of the program was that our guests couldn't meet too much of Transylvania's clever Szekler old men. It was a great pleasure for me to go to the Csango's. Until now, I didn't even realized that they are living so close to us, and that they have such strong traditions. Well: and the Southerners are also great!"

Another participant from Transylvania:
"I agree that maybe the program was too dense, we hadn't much free time, but this wasn't in fact a real problem. Maybe if fewer things would be shown, and more profoundly than more things would have stood in our heads. But I think that there is much information in our heads, and in the future, if we hear something, a word, an idea, then we will remember, that: "Yes, I've been there, I saw it… I think so…" So, I think it was good this way. I also think that this program was very useful, and that everybody should know much more about the place (s)he is living in, so this should appear in the education, too"

A participant from Subotica:
"These few days were very important for everyone, naturally; not only being together, the joy we had, but the beautiful places we have been to, and the tradition and culture we learned about. Naturally everyone has his/her own thing that (s)he liked in the program most: I liked the salt mine from Praid very much, the beautiful environment, the wooden objects decorated with traditional motives, and the interesting beauty of the churches."

A student from Transylvania:
"I am Transylvanian, so I comparatively know something about Szeklerland, but now I realized, that comparatively is hardly enough, and what I know is nothing compared to what I should and could know. I got much experience on this program, but one thing surely didn't changed: I still think that Transylvania's biggest chance is in the tourism, but it needs more funding to develop. There are many beautiful places that were fixed, but there also are many places that need help. I liked Wednesday the best, I enjoyed very much the traditional dance and singing of the little pupils from Ghimes: I am very glad that we could show this rare treasure to our guests!"

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