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The Csíki Foundation's aim is to support the social, economical and ecological development of Sekler region (Central Romania in Transylvania), and to strengthen the culture of peace, tolerance and multiculturalism. The Foundation works for the development of interethnic relations, conflict resolution, strengthening a peaceful cultural environment within the frame of a democratic and tolerant society. The goal of these awareness raising and educational activities is to draw people's attention to the importance of pacifism, non-violent conflict resolution, multiculturalism, human rights, especially minority rights and sustainable development. During these actions we promote the development of civil society and civil organizations and the protection of environment; we also support the initiatives of Romania's European integration.


The Board of Trustees is composed of 5 members: President, Vice-President, Secretary and two other members.

The Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Patrick McCarthy - president, Network Coordinator, Multilateral Security & Disarmament, the Geneva Forum - Switzerland
  • Emese Csíki - vice-president, Network Coordinator, the Martin Luther King Organization - Hungary, director of the Csíki Foundation
  • Shabnam Siddiqui, Project Consultant Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal (a Gandhian Institute) Bombay - India
  • Cocu Adrian Horea, engineer
  • László Csíki - secretary of the Csíki Foundation

Organizer and Consulting Commission  

  • Sikhander Copoo - Sud-Africa 
  • Obi Aginam - Professor Assistant - International Law at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
  • Alfredo Ferrariz Lubang - Philippines 
  • Nihad Mesic - Human Rights Office Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Csíki Emese- director


Trainers in the program "Understanding and Tolerance"

  • Kolumbán Gábor - Sapientia University, Romania
  • Haller István - Pro Europe League, Romania
  • Dr. Csaba Mester - Martin Luther King Organization, Hungary
  • Simonyi Gyula - Bocs Foundation, Hungary
  • Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen - Co-director TRANSCEND, Norway, Director of PATRIR, Romania

Trainers in the program "Youth Competition on Human Rights"

  • Deme Cecilia - author of the book "Manual on Human Rights", teacher at the Public Administration College "Babeş-Bolyai" in Sfântu-Gheorghe and teacher at the Theoretical High-school "Nagy Mózes" in Târgu Secuiesc;
  • Alex Moldovan - PATRIR Romania.

Trainers in the program "High-schools Competition on Promoting Civic Education"

  • Deme Cecilia - author of the book "Manual on Human Rights", teacher at the Public Administration College "Babeş-Bolyai" in Sfântu-Gheorghe and teacher at the Theoretical High-school "Nagy Mózes" in Târgu Secuiesc, Romania
  • Demeter Annamária - inspector for Roma children and children with special needs
  • Kádár Magor - International Youth Trainer, Program coordinator of the grant and scholarships information office PONT
  • Bartis Ervin, student of the program "International Humanitarian Law" at the University in Bucharest
  • Horváth István - Director of the Interethnic Relations Research Center and Professor at the University "Babeş-Bolyai", Faculty of Sociology, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Leca Mihaela Corina Programme Coordinator (Case Study - Improving teachers' skills to assess civic competencies of students), CRED (the Romanian Center for Education and Human Development), Târgoviste

Trainers in the program "Youth Competition on Human Rights- 2004"

  • Borbély Nagy Éva-  director of the "Foundation for Human Rights and Peace Education", Hungary
  • Csíki Emese- director of the Csíki Foundation, Romania, human rights education network manager

Trainers in the program "Promoting a new human rights education method, developing the partners network":

  • Snejana Vokulits, reprezentative of the Minority Rights Group, Budapest, Hungary
  • Csíki Emese- director of the Csíki Foundation, Romania, human rights education network manager
  • Szelényi Zsuzsanna, co- director of the European Youth Center- Budapest, Hungary


  • András Andrea
  • Bálint Emese Éva
  • Fazakas Réka Mária
  • Gergely Imre
  • Kristály Biborka Réka
  • Orbán Tímea.


  • Council of Europe - European Youth Foundation
  • County Council -Cultural Center of Harghita County - Romania
  • Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center
  • European Union - Phare - Civic Education Program
  • Freedom House - Hungary
  • Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights - Hungary
  • Open Society Foundation - Romania
  • Local Council of Miercurea Ciuc - Romania
  • The Ministry of Children, Youth and Sport -Hungary

    Firms and organizations in-kind support:
  • Council of Europe Information and Documentation Center Budapest - Hungary
  • Mobilitas Youth Service Budapest - Hungary
  • World Day Foundation Hungary
  • Alutus and Pro Print Tipography Romania
  • Expohar SRL, Romania
  • Hamor Soft Ltd., Romania 
  • Foundation for Transylvanian Youth from Romania
  • UNITED for Intercultural Action, Amsterdam
  • Vibeke Schilling - Denmark



  • Romanian Ministry of Youth, Education and Research
  • Local Council of Miercurea Ciuc
  • Sapientia University-  Miercurea Ciuc
  • "Márton Aron" Theoretical High School -Miercurea Ciuc
  • "Octavian Goga" Theoretical High School- Miercurea Ciuc
  • "Petőfi Sándor" Primary School- Miercurea Ciuc 
  • "Németh László" Theoretical High School- Baia Mare
  • "Anghel Saligny" Industrial High School- Craiova
  • "Taras Secvenco" Theoretical High School- Sighetul Marmaţiei
  • "Joseph Haltrich" Theoretical High School- Sighişoara
  • "Ady Endre" Theoretical High School- Bucureşti
  • "Dositei Obradovici" Theoretical High School- Timişoara
  • "Kemal Ataturk" Theoretical High School- Medgidia
  • "Zeyk Domokos" High School- Cristuru Secuiesc
  • "Berde Mózes" Teologic High School- Cristuru Secuiesc
  • "Baróti Szabó Dávid" High School- Baraolt
  • "Tivai Nagy Imre" High School- Sânmartin
  • " Benedek Elek" Elementary School - Avramesti
  • Samara State University - Russia


  • Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre - Aemenia
  • Roma Association from Harghita County
  • Open Prospects Subotica - Serbia and Montenegro
  • Human Rights Office Tuzla - Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Martin Luther King Organization - Hungary
  • Foundation for Transylvanian Youth from Romania
  • GORDIUS - Ucraine
  • Student's Network, Slovakia
  • LIFE- Slovenia
  • Association for Civils, Kaposvar, Hungary


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