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Tolerance Without Borders

Háromnyelvű kézikönyv az emberi jogok és toleranica oktatásához. (Microsoft Word Formátum)    




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Civil szervezetek, Nemzetközi Intézmények

"All Equal- All Different" - Council of Europe
Amnesty International
Educating Cities
European Community Humanitarian Office
Human Rights Internet
Human Rights Watch
International Fellowship of Reconciliation
Interpress Service
North-South Centre
One World
United Nations and Human Rights
United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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Dokumentumok: Emberi Jogok

All United Nations Links at a Glance
The Convention on the Rights of the Child
Universal Declarations on Human Rights - Translations

Nonformális Oktatás:

Alliance for Conflict Transformation
Anti-Racist Mentality
Bocs Foundation
Clingendael Conflict Research Unit, The Hague, Netherlands
Development and Peace Foundation
Digital Freedom Network
European Monitoring Centre On Racism & Xenophobia
European Roma Rights Center
European Centre for Common Ground
German Association for Peace and Conflict Research
Human Rights Internship Program (Training)
Human Rights Education
Interkulturelles Zentrum
Intercultural Institute of Timisoara
INDOK Center for Human Rights Informations and Documentations
Institute for Development and Peace
International Relations and Security Network
Minority Rights Group
Non-Violent Peace Movement Alba Kor
PATRIR Peace Library and Resource Centre
Peace Research Institute
Peace Research Information Unit Bonn
Peace University
Platform for Civilian Conflict Resolution
Pro Europe League
Project - GYAN - Take Action
Project of Ethnic Relations
Project on Ethnic Relations
Research Unit for Security Politics and Conflict Analysis, ETH Zurich
Roma Info
The Southern Poverty Law Centre
The Media Awareness Network
The World Against Racism Memorial
Tolerance for Kids
Transnational Foundation For Peace And Future Research
UNICEF Voices of Youth
United "Cyberschoolbus"
World Vision